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March 15, 2001

Mr. John Smith, Director of Operations
SomeGroup Group
SomeStreet Drive
Sometown, VA 12345
Dear Mr. Smith :
     Thank you for your inquiry about Semi-Block format for letters. What follows is a quick summary of the format and the conventions it uses.

     Semi-block format or style is frequently called modified semi-block because it is a slightly less formal modification of full block format. This letter style places the date line in alignment with, or slightly to the right of dead center. Another option for placing the date line in semi-block is flush right. Similar to full block, semi-block places the inside address, salutation and any end notations flush with the left margin. However, unlike full block, each body paragraph of semi-block is indented five spaces. The complimentary close and signature block are aligned under the date.

     This page illustrates the spacing and layout of semi-block format. Both full block and semi-block formats generally contain all of the necessary parts of a letter.

Sincerely yours ,

Dr. Sheila Carter-Tod
English Instructor

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