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March 15, 2001

Mr. John Smith, Director of Operations
SomeGroup Group
SomeStreet Drive
Sometown, VA 12345
Dear Mr. Smith :
Thank you for your inquiry about Full-Block format for letters. What follows is a quick summary of the format and the conventions it uses.

Full block format is considered the most formal of the three styles. In full block format or style, every line is left justified. The dateline is placed two to six line spaces below the last line of the heading or letterhead. The inside address placement varies depending upon the length of the letter. A common spacing is four line spaces below the date line. The salutation is placed two lines below the attention line (if an attention line is provided). The first line of the body is placed two lines below an attention line or two to four lines below the last inside address line. When using full block, paragraphs are single spaced, with a double space between paragraphs.

While there are no set rules governing format use, full block is generally used for (1) requests or inquiries, (2) claims, (3) announcements, (4) records of agreement, (5) transmittal of other technical documents, and (6) job applications. Most other types of letters use semi-block or simplified format. This page illustrates the spacing and layout of full block format.

Sincerely yours ,

Dr. Sheila Carter-Tod
English Instructor

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