[SFRA-L] robb on PKD / BLADE RUNNER and Money

Easterbrook, Neil n.easterbrook at tcu.edu
Mon Mar 7 17:06:31 EST 2011

And I want to add to another thing.

There's a fundamental difference between guy putting his hard earned bucks into an index fund, into a factory, and into a film.

Guy invests in an index fund and he gets a quarterly statement, so no surprises and no thrills.

Guy invests in a dog food factory, he gets to meet another guy named Murray, his clip-on tie and his sick horse. Tho he has to go to Duluth.

But a guy invests in a picture then he gets to go to set, have a frapo-moco-drinko-chino brought to him by an ingénue named Ashley, have dinner with the principals, and then play tennis with Chachi.

Any individual investor in a Hollywood picture isn't engaged merely with profits. There are other protocols active.


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