[SFRA-L] Kim Stanley Robinson interview in Polygraph 22, "Ecology and Ideology"

Gerry Canavan gerry.canavan at duke.edu
Mon Sep 13 00:56:27 EDT 2010

With Lisa Klarr and Ryan Vu I recently edited a special issue of Polygraph
on Ecology and Ideology, and one of the pieces we published was a lengthy
interview with Kim Stanley Robinson. You can find a digital version of the
interview at the Polygraph web site as a PDF, and also on my blog at the
link below.


The introduction to the issue also speaks a bit about science fiction and
its relationship with ecological politics. You can find that at the
Polygraph web site as well. The issue itself, which naturally has a great
deal to say about apocalyptic themes and other science fictional tropes, can
be ordered through Amazon if you are interested:

Hope some of you find this interesting or useful for your work.

All the best,
Gerry Canavan
Program in Literature
Duke University
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