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IAFA Awards

A number of awards for scholarship and fictionwriting are presented under the aegis of the IAFA. They are listed in order of when they where first awarded at the annual conference.

IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award

The IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award is an annual career award, presented annually since 1986, recognizing distinguished contributions to the scholarship and criticism of the fantastic.

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The IAFA William L. Crawford Fantasy Award

The IAFA Crawford Award each year recognizes an outstanding new writer whose first fantasy book was published during the previous calendar year. It is not specifically a first novel award. The award was established with the support of the late Andre Norton, who also helped establish the criteria and who continued to support the award over the years.

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Robert A. Collins Service Award

The Robert A. Collins Service Award, named after the conference's founder (who was also its first recipient in 1985) is a special award presented to an officer, board member, or division head for outstanding service to the organization.

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Stephen R. Donaldson Award

The Stephen R. Donaldson Award, presented only four times since its inception in 1997, is a special award recognizing exceptional support and service to the organization from individuals who have not served as officers, board members, or divison heads.

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IAFA Graduate Student Award

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts presents an annual award and stipend to the graduate student submitting the most outstanding paper at the Association's conference. The award, and a cheque for $250, will be presented to the winner at the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening. Students must submit their completed paper (3500 words, excluding bibliography) and verification of student status by February 1. You can find more information about the Graduate Student Award by following this link.

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Jamie Bishop Memorial Award for an Essay Not in English

We define the fantastic to include science fiction, folkore, and related genres in literature, drama, film, art and graphic design, and related disciplines.

Prize: $250 U.S. and one year's free membership in the IAFA to be award at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in March 2011. Winning essay to be published online at the IAFA website.

Deadline: October 31, 2010

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Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence
in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing

(formerly the Isaac Asimov Award)

The $500 award will go to the best unpublished and unsold science fiction or fantasy short story submitted by a full-time undergraduate college student. The winner will be invited to the IAFA annual Conference on the Fantastic in mid-March in Orlando, FL, and the winning story will be considered for publication in Asimov's science fiction magazine.

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