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IAFA Award Recipients

A number of awards for scholarship and fictionwriting are presented under the aegis of the IAFA. They are listed in order of when they where first awarded at the annual conference.

IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award

Brian W. Aldiss1986
Brian Stableford1987
Kathryn Hume1988
C. N. Manlove1989
H. Bruce Franklin1990
Brian Attebery1991
Jack Zipes1992
Sir Devendra P. Varma1993
James Flannery1994
Peter Hunt1995
T. A. Shippey1996
N. Katherine Hayles1997
Gary K. Wolfe1998
John Clute1999
Nina Auerbach2000
Brooks Landon2001
Roderick McGillis2002
S. T. Joshi2003
Marcial Souto2004
Damien Broderick2005
M. Thomas Inge2006
Jane Donawerth2007
Roger Luckhurst2008
Maria Nikolajeva2009
Takayuki Tatsumi2010


The IAFA William L. Crawford Fantasy Award

Charles de Lint1985; Moonheart
Nancy Willard1986; Things Invisible to See
Judith Tarr1987; The Hound and the Falcon trilogy
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas1988; Reindeer Moon
Michaela Roessner1989; Walkabout Woman
Jeanne Larsen1990; The Silk Road
Michael Scott Rohan1991; Winter of the World trilogy
Greer Gilman1992; Moonwise
Susan Palwick1993; Flying in Place
Judith Katz1994; Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound
Jonathan Lethem1995; Gun,With Occasional Music
Sharon Shinn1996; Archangel
Candas Jane Dorsey1997; Black Wine
Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni1998; Mistress of Spices
David B. Coe1999; Lon Tobyn Chronicles
Anne Bishop2000; Black Jewels trilogy
Kij Johnson2001; The Fox Woman
Jasper Fforde2002; The Eyre Affair
Alexander C. Irvine2003; A Scattering of Jades
K. J. Bishop2004; The Etched City
Steph Swainston2005; The Year of Our War
Joe Hill2006; Twentieth Century Ghosts
Mary Rickert2007; Map of Dreams
Christopher Barzak2008; One for Sorrow
Daryl Gregory2009; Pandemonium
Jedediah Berry2010; The Manual of Detection


Robert A. Collins Service Award

Robert A. Collins1985
Roger C. Schlobin1986
Marshall B. Tymn1989
Donald E. Morse1990
Donald Palumbo1996
William A. Senior2002
C. W. Sullivan, III2002
Charles W. Nelson2006
Katy Hatfield2008
Len Hatfield2008


Stephen R. Donaldson Award

Stephen R. Donaldson1997
Jillian Krueger-Printz1998
Carl Boehm2006
Rick Wilber2006


IAFA Graduate Student Award

Veronica Hollinger1987
Sally Bartlett1988
Michael Collins1989
Jianjiong Zhu1990
Rob Latham1991
Maureen King1992
Marcelaine Wininger Rovano1992
Robin Calfee-Moye1993
Diana Pharoah Francis1994
Carter F. Hanson1994
Greer Watson1995
Joel A. Hollander1996
Suzanna Nyberg1997
Alexander C. Irvine1998
Ann Vasey1999
David Sandner2000
Janis Dawson2001
Eve Tal2002
Sarah Canfield Fuller2002
Martin Horstkotte2003
Rebekah Long2004
Christine Mains2005
Darja Malcolm-Clarke2006
Richard Landon2007
Greg Bechtel2008
Kurt Fawver2009


Jamie Bishop Memorial Award for an Essay Not in English

Carlos Abraham2007 (essay available in .pdf)
María Beatriz Cóceres2008
Sandor Klapcsik2009 (abstract available)
Pablo Brescia2010


Dell Magazines (formerly Isaac Asimov)
Undergraduate Science Fiction Award

Eric Choi1994, "Dedication"
Shannon Fowler1995, "The Cinderella Project"
Dylan Otto Krider1996, "He Believed in Probability"
David Kirtley1997, "Lest we Forget"
Emily Thornbury1998, "The Wormholes"
Marissa Lingen1999, "In the Gardens and the Graves"
Beth Adele Long2000, "Repeating Patterns"
Mark Jacobsen2001, "Conquering Europa"
Lena DeTar2002, "Making Waves"
Bryn Neuenschwander2003, "Calling into Science"
Anthony Ha2004, "Orbiting"
Anthony Ha2005, "Around the World"
Meghan Sinoff2006, "Shift"
Natty Bokenkamp2007, "The Uncanny Valley"
Stephen Leech2008, "Blank, White and Blue"
Josh Eure2009, "We Were Real"
Rachel Sobel2010, "The Dead Star, the Satirist, and the Soldier"


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